Pretty Antique Provence Patterned edged jugs (3 sizes)

Ideal jugs for loads of uses - the little one is a milk jug and ideal for anyone who wants to serve coffee with milk. The medium size is suitable for milk and other items including a bunch of small garden flowers or maybe a butterfly has landed on the handle. The largest is a pitcher for water  but also holding a bunch of cabbage roses (see Gosia!) would look lovely. 


The pretty wavy edge and the embellishments on the border make it part of the Antique Provence tableware collection.  The collection has an array of matching items all of which have been cast in metal and are as delicate and to scale  as I could make them. 

The price is for one  - use the drop down menu to select quantity then add them to your basket. 



Supplied unpainted and in their raw state (pewter  metal alloy), the plates can either be polished or primed and then painted (using a spray paint will avoid any issues with "clumping"  and "brush marks").

I have photographed them for you in both the unpainted state and a painted finish with a brown wash to age them. If you choose to paint then age them then try a pale cream as a main base colour and then using raw or burnt umber (watered down) wipe them over to create a warm aged appearance. 


Small 8.3mm

Large 10.9mm

XLarge 20mm





Pretty Antique Provence Jugs 3 sizes

PrecioDesde 1,00£
    • French Trumeau Mirror approx. 7cm wide x 12.5cm hgh

    • Ladies wasp waist mannequin total height approx 4.5" to 5"

    • Gentlemans desk = 6.5cm high x 15.5cm wide  x 7.5cm deep.

    • Torchere = 10cm high x 4cm widest part x 2.6cm diameter on top.

    • Ladies desk = 12cm high x 10.8cm widest part x 5.5cm deep.

    • Commode by Francois Linke = 7cm high x 11cm widest part x 4.5cm deep.

    • Small French Console table = 6.5cm wide x 7cm high x 6.5cm wide

    • Small French table = 6.8cm high x 6.8cm wide x 3.9cm deep

    • Large french Mirror = 9cm wide x 12.5cm high (the actual oval mirror is 7cm x 5cm)

    • Large Girondelle Mirror 12cm x 6.5cm


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