This is a 12th scale copy of a real 18th Century French Torchere found on the 1st dibs website.

The torchere was used for displaying ornate and luxurious candelabras but would also be suitable for flower display. There is an addition of metal rods to keep the very fine thin uprights vertical.

Every detail has been copied and the kit allows you plenty of scope to reproduce to the original which was wood and gilt or be more adventurous and paint it in colours of your choice such as gilt and black or cream and black (as I have done in the sample photographed).

The kit is a little tricky to assemble; just ensure that you start at the bottom and assemble upwards. Keep the uprights vertical. You can use super glue or epoxy resin.


 10cm high x 4cm widest part  x 2.6cm diameter on top.



METAL DIY KIT 18th Century Torchere

Buying options
    •  Gentlemans desk = 6.5cm high x 15.5cm wide  x 7.5cm deep.

    • Torchere = 10cm high x 4cm widest part x 2.6cm diameter on top.



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